Friday, December 30

The Stemen Academy of Infinite Learning

Not so much enjoying the fact that this is my last weekend of freedom before returning to the Stemen Academy of Infinite Learning. Yeah, that's what Geoff and I call our homeschool since Geoff and a friend joked about it on Facebook. As fun as the name might be, I can not say that I'm enjoying my over-vacation assignments. I have, like, three. Unfair, right? I know, I've considered complaining to child services but decided I didn't feel like going to all that trouble. :)


  1. We actually have to take next week off, but I want to do school. The weekend isn't so special, and the days get rather long. :)

  2. I know how diligent your mom is with your education, so this really gave me a good laugh! My own poor ninth grader had to continue Mandarin, Calculus, and Programming projects over the holidays, too. I probably shouldn't put any ideas in his head about naming our own school. . .