Friday, December 30

Today I slept until eleven in the morning. Which is a really, really weird thing for me, as I'm normally up at seven thirty-ish. I wasn't even up late, which makes it all the stranger!
After a lazy start, I had a lazy day, pretty much spending the whole time in my favorite spot on the couch. For those of you who think I probably didn't accomplish much today, think again! I finished the new Wii game Audrey bought last Saturday! It was a mystery game, so I had to think and solve puzzles and all that stuff I don't like to do normally.
Plus, I put off algebra. Again. Seriously, who wants to spend their winter break doing algebra? Nobody, that's who. Still, got to do it and get caught up, or else my grades will suffer greatly! And by that I mean, not an A. Which can send me into depression for, like, five minutes. Not pretty, folks.

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