Monday, December 26

Well, there go my eyebrows!

Today was a typical day after Christmas. We ate candy, read our Christmas books, watched TV, ate, played video games, know the drill. We pretty much stayed home (well, my grandparents' house) all morning and afternoon, except for a quick trip to the Cracker Barrel store for some Christmas money splurging. Then my grandma, Mom, Audrey, and I headed out to a Japanese steakhouse and the boys (Uncle Matt, Grandpa, Dad, Geoff, Cameron) went to a fast food place. The restaurant was the kind where they cook the food in front of you, and lots of it, too! The chef started out by oiling the pan and then making a huge flame (yeah, my eyebrows are, like, gone) to heat the cooking surface. Then he put some water and rice on there, and mixed up the rice. He proceeded to cook our meat and veggies. It was an uncomfortably intimate experience with the strangers at our table, because he cooked our food all together and then just divvied it up between us, so I was eating the exact same stuff as the guy across the table from me, who I had never seen in my life. Still, overall, it was really fun! I've got this idea that now I want to do that for my birthday with my friends! We'll see....but it's fun!
Also, my friend Mary Baber started a blog, too! Go check it out---I love the title! So droll...
Also, I'm working with Geoff on his starting one, which would be really cool! I know he'd have an insane amount of interesting blogging material! If you have an idea for a title, let me know! Still, I won't tell you the title until he starts one--if he does, that is!


  1. Hmmm...I wondered if you noticed the two guys across from us! :-) And that's all I'm going to say about that.

  2. Haha, how very exciting. :)