Monday, November 28

Family field trip!

For Thanksgiving this year, my family went to Naval Live Oaks and wandered around a little. Yes, I took pictures, and our visit is visually documented for you thusly. WARNING: There are about twenty-seven pictures. Yeah, I took lots.
A landscape with water and buildings. Start off with a semi-boring start.

Ooh, trees! Getting a little more interesting!

Yay! Sun glow! The picture is crooked. Just turn your head a little bit!

Trees, grass, blue sky, some sand-doesn't get much better!

Bumps in the sand. Dad said that he thought they were from hermit crabs or clams or something.

Okay, so this is the bathroom building. But it's still a nice picture, right?

Bright red berries. Like you didn't know that.

OOH! Semi-intelligent life! When I saw this picture, I told Mom she could use it for my obituary if I died, I liked it well enough.

Little brother Cameron. Geoffrey used to do that exact same thing in that exact same pose. Actually, he still does sometimes.

Here's all four of us! Don't we look cute?

There was a lot of wood like this on the beach.

Geoff has always liked to climb on stuff, poke stuff with sticks, whack stuff with sticks, stare at stuff, you get the idea.

A close-up of a piece of wood with this stuff growing on it.


A complicated, but cool looking twisty piece of wood.

This kind of makes me think of someone standing with their arms wide open for a hug.

Geoff, Cam, and Audge climbing on a tree. No, I'm not there. I am a lady sometimes!

Geoff and Cam. Cam's too cool to smile. :)

Some more wood. Yes, there's a lot of pictures of wood, but there was a lot there!

Cam, being cool or something.

Pretty twisty trees!


Whoa, I did get a good shot there. I was chasing every butterfly I saw trying to get a good shot. I probably looked like an idiot.

Another butterfly. What does it matter-they're pretty!

Ooh, that one's orange! With flowers! Pretty good shot.

Oh man! My one close-up and it came out blurry! Now I must grump for the rest of the day. :(
By the way, none of my photos have any kind of Photoshop or anything on them. They're all straight out of my camera. I would probably mess them up if I tried to Photoshop them. :)


  1. That was a fun trip! Good job on your pictures!

    P.S. You need to get a better camera! ;-)

  2. That looks like fun! And hey, I know that bathroom place. I was there recently. :)

    Yes, nice pictures. Field trips with the family are always fun. :)

  3. You were there just there? (tries to think hard of when we would have gone) Suuure...we were, uh, just there... ;)

    It looks very familiar, but I don't actually know that I have been there. Looked like a fun trip! And some nice pictures. :)

  4. That picture with Cameron siting on the beach was Geoffrey and you were just standing a long way away. Yeah now I know why I need glasses... ~Mary

  5. I meant to put "I thought" At the starting of that paragraph. That will teach me to proofread..


  6. What a sweet group picture! :)

  7. Sarah Me =)30/11/11 8:25 PM

    I love the pictures! Looks like it was fun! :) And the group picture is really sweet. :D

    P.S. Jesse says "Hey Geoffrey!!" =D