Tuesday, November 29


Have you ever thought about what a juvenile sport kickball is? (Maybe that's why I love it soooo much!) Still, it's always fun for teenagers to take something that they did when they were little and do it when they're older. It's fun, like reliving the glory days. I mean, you stand there and sass the pitcher for a little bit (at least, I do, most of the other kids have good manners), then you turn around and grin at your best friend who's playing catcher, then you kick that ball as hard as you can, then you run to a square that's lying on the ground. Then, if you get out, you throw a temper tantrum. Inside your head though--we are teenagers, after all. Otherwise, you grin smugly at the first baseman, unless, of course, they're one of your friends, and then you stick your tongue out at them. Well, at least, I do. Most of the other kids have good manners. Then you stand there and see how much you can get off the base without one of the other fielders catching you, all the while yelling at your other team member who kicks after you. At least, I do. Most of the other kids have good manners. Then you take off towards the next base as soon as the pitcher starts to roll the ball to the kicker. Then you watch the ball to make sure you don't have to run back to first base. If the ball was a grounder, you take off and make it safely to second base. If the ball was a pop fly, you take off, but a little slower, and you should stop almost completely when the ball gets closer to the fielder. If they catch it, you better hightail it back to first; otherwise, run to second. I'm playing out this game in only single base runs. It makes it easier to follow, plus it gives me, the runner, more chance for bad behavior on the field. If you're me, always go for bad behavior, if you're other kids, you have good manners and you should behave. :) Anyway, now we have a man on first and second. Actually, we have a man on first and a girl on second, thank you very much. You start to lead off from second--don't get caught too far off the base--but you don't scream this time. You want to be inconspicuous so you can sneak safely to third base. Your other team member kicks the ball, a pretty good kick, right to the pitcher. You know you can make it to third safely because the pitcher is a moron and won't remember that there's a girl running to third right behind him. He will, instead, hurl the ball to first, maybe getting the other person out. But you're safe and that's all that matters. At least for me. Most of the other kids have good manners. Anyway, this is your big break! You know that probably every fielder on the other team is going to try to prevent you from scoring that point. But you decide that you're going to do whatever it takes to score a point for your team. You start off down the third baseline and watch the other person prepare for kickage. You watch the ball roll off the pitcher's hand. Everything's moving in slow motion! You watch the ball roll down towards the kicker. Their foot is drawn back! The ball is closer! They bring their foot forward. You start to take off towards home! You hear the high PONK! of the ball being kicked, hard! You grin and power towards home. As you near the base, you look and see that the outfielders are still fumbling for the ball, somewhere near the basketball court across the kickball field. Your foot pounds on home plate and you quickly move so your teammates can score as well. GRAND SLAM! You all run back to join the rest of your team. There's cheers and high-fives all round. You smile and can't wait until your next turn up.
So what did we learn from this story?
  1. Kickball may be a "little kid game", but it's fun for all ages!
  2. Things move in slow motion when you're on third base.
  3. It feels really good to score a point! :)
  4. I need to work on my manners.


  1. Haha! You don't have bad manners. Or, I haven't seen them. ;)

    I can see everything so well. Nice descriptions. :)

  2. I liked this post! :) I liked your style of writing, and the play-by-play action. I think my favorite part was all of the times you would mention all the others "have good manners."

    Some of the best games are the ones not meant for an older person (in this case, teen), but kickball may not be in that category because it is fun, and all the other moms like to play! :D

    Keep up the nice writing! :)