Monday, November 21

Baroque Festival

On Saturday my family got all dolled up and loaded into our minivan to head down to Dollarhide's downtown( the store with all the pianos inside). When we got there, it was time for me, Audrey, and Geoffrey to get nervous. Except that Geoff doesn't get nervous. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. We were there for the annual Baroque Festival, an event celebrating baroque music. My big brother and I have done it for five or six years, but this was the first time for my little sister. Anyway, pictures!!!
Me, Geoff, and Audrey. Yes, there is something a little off with Audrey. She was being silly. :)

Audrey sitting at the very expensive Steinway we got to perform on. It was a really loud piano, and I loved it.


  1. Ohh, that's really cool! It made me nervous seeing pictures because of our recitals there! Eek. :)

  2. Ah, we missed it. I really was going to ask you when you guys were going to play! I'm sure you all did a great job anyway! ;)