Tuesday, November 1

Fall? What's that?

I love living in Pensacola. Really I do. But what I don't love is fall here. Or rather the lack of it, since seasons in Pensacola go about like this.
  • spring- mid-February--1st week of March
  • summer- remainder of March--mid-October
  • fall- one, maybe two weeks in November
  • winter- whatever's left
I miss the fall foliage and all that good stuff! Nothing changes color here! Wait, let me rephrase that: Things here turn color from green to dead.
 However, every morning driving to drop my dad off at work, we go along this stretch where lots of the trees have turned to orange and red. I always sigh and absorb the fall-ness of it before we break out of the autumn wonderland and return to the real world of Pensacola. So we get to experience all of the upper 40 degree weather without any of the fun. So in celebration, drink a mug of hot cocoa or whatever you want. I had a Mountain Dew, so anything goes! After all, it's only fall for another few days before winter comes along!


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  2. Ohh... fall. My favorite season. Which might explain Thanksgiving being my favorite holiday. :) I don't know about you ,but over here it's freezing! Well, maybe not for people who live in the north, but I'm freezing. No colder, please. :)

  3. Sarah Me =)4/11/11 8:18 PM

    But, although we may not get as much color in the fall, we do have some pretty nice weather! Right now in Connecticut they have 20 inches of snow...and thats all they are going to have (well, that and rain) up until May. So you have to admit we do have it pretty well off. :)