Friday, November 25

Black Friday breakfast

Breakfast the day after Thanksgiving is interesting. Usually somebody gets the leftovers from our Thanksgiving breakfast( cocktail wieners, petite quiche, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs). Everyone else just kind of scrounges. This year, I took Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.
In the top left corner, mashed potatoes. In the top right corner, broccoli casserole (I LOVE broccoli). In the bottom center, donut. With sprinkles.
Yup! Here's what the rest of my family is having.
  • Mom-Thanksgiving breakfast leftovers
  • Audrey-Donut
  • Cameron-Popcorn
  • Dad-Thanksgiving leftovers, diet Mountain Dew (he lives on that stuff)
  • Geoff-Still snoring away
  • Gracie-Everyone else's leavings
Now I'm going to go celebrate Black Friday by sitting around playing video games and watching old movies. Unless Mom has other plans. Maybe I'll draw or actually do something productive. (Or maybe not.)

1 comment:

  1. Hehe, this is interesting. :) I like your list.

    I had leftovers this morning too. Dressing with gravy and sweet potato casserole. :) It was yummy...

    I've been enjoying the lovely outdoors with a book. Though it would be nice to watch a movie. :D