Tuesday, November 29

Christmas earrings

Once you get to know me pretty well, and even if you don't really, one of the things you'll know about me is that my fashion pretty much consists of long skirts, culottes, and tennis shoes. But you'll also know that while I may not dress in a way that is very "in", I am not afraid of color. In fact, I embrace it! One of my favorite ways to "fun up" an outfit is to add wild accessories. Several of you have seen my hot pink shoes, and those are a good example. But my absolute FAVORITE way to add that POW! to an outfit is to add funky earrings. Probably most of you have seen my gummy worms, which I love, and my ice cream cones. Still, gummy worms and ice cream cones are kind of a spring and summer thing. Once we hit winter, I knew I needed some serious help with my earring situation--fast and cheap help at that! Of course, Walmart stepped in to save the day! For only two bucks apiece, I got these awesome pairs of earrings that you will undoubtedly be seeing a LOT this holiday season. Even at PE. I love wearing my earrings to PE. So, without further ado, I will show a picture. Of course. I can only wear one pair to PE at once, so you're going to have to see the rest of them in the picture for now!
Top left: Jingle bells with bows
Top middle: Christmas trees with multi-colored rhinestones. I love rhinestones!
Top right: Jingle bell ornaments
Bottom left: Cute little puppy in a stocking
Bottom right: Polar bears with cute little round bellies. And glitter. Glitter is good.


  1. Aww, those are cute. I hope to see some at PE. :)

  2. Ha ha! Those are cute. They remind me of some old Christmas pins that we had in a baggy that was pulled out this time of year, and we would all figure out which one we would wear. Okay, so maybe sometimes we fought over them...

  3. How fun is that?! I like your style!