Friday, November 11

Am I in trouble now?

Okay, so I haven't posted in a long time. Like more than a week a long time. So, I must tell you everything that happened during the time I was gone, right? Here goes!
Well, first, we drove to Navarre for a piano competition (where my older brother won $150).
Then, we had the West Florida Home Education Support League spelling bee. My younger sister Audrey won third place in the fourth grade, little bro Cameron won third place in sixth grade, I won first place in ninth grade (Nobody else was in my grade, so I spelled two words. Kind of an empty victory, I know, but I'll take it) and Geoff won first place in eleventh grade, so both he and I will advance to the Sandy Sansing spelling bee in January.
On Wednesday, on our way to drop Geoff off for his classes at PSC, we saw that Sacred Heart Hospital is putting up their giant Christmas tree. WOO-HOO! LET THE HOLIDAYS BEGIN!!!! We can now officially start listening to Christmas music.
On Thursday, we went to PE and played a kickball game. Although our team lost, as one of my friends said, "we won in awesome points." The best part of the game (for me anyway)was when I kicked the ball right over the head of one of the best players on the opposing team. It was fun while it lasted. What's not so fun is the ache in my foot now.
Last night, we were cleaning up the house for my grandma and grandpa to come visit. They'll get here sometime today. My sister and my room is right next to the guest room in our house, and we don't have a door on our room (because I used to slam it and lock it when I was, like, six), so we always have to make sure it looks good.
My library has expanded from one pink container to two and a big fat book sitting out on my bedside table. My Gray's Anatomy just doesn't fit in the containers, so it sits outside.
My Gray's Anatomy book. Well, it's not actually my book, it's a picture of someone else's book. But this is what mine looks like. So far I'm about twelve pages in, reading about the different kinds of cells. It's great because it's chock full of huge words that I don't really understand.
This morning I was on a walk with my mother and brother in the forty-degree weather in our neighborhood. We have a lake about a seven-minute walk from our house. This morning, it was so cool, because you could see all the water evaporating. It looked like the lake was breathing and you could see its breath. It was pretty awesome.
And then later today we will be cleaning some more. And some more. And then a little more, for good measure. Then I will need to finish reading Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. It's a really good book, interesting and all, but Mr. Washington's writing is very factual and not the most enjoyable to read. Once you get past the stiffness of it, though, it's a great book.


  1. You're not in trouble, Meredith. :)

    Your little brother is already in sixth grade?! Wow, he's ahead of me. :) And congratulations on the spelling bee. I thought it would be fun to do one on those some time. I could spell encyclopedia like the kids on the Mickey Mouse Club. :D

    Aww, I missed you kick the ball over that person's head. :( I would have liked to see it. :)

  2. Sarah Me =)11/11/11 8:06 PM

    Sounds like a fun week! Congrats on the spelling bee!! Great job! :D
    I seen you kick that ball! Didn't you kick it over Connor's head? That was a great kick! :)