Friday, November 25

Okay, so I did a post a little while back about the baroque festival we went to( and performed at). Dad also videotaped the whole thing...but the camera is hard to work with, and Dad's been busy, so the result: NO VIDEO ON THE COMPUTER.
Still, my faithful friend YouTube has my song! So if you really care enough to spend four minutes of your life watching a video of a guy playing the song that I performed, go ahead and click! (Keep in mind, I did not play it quite as fast as this kid does. But I was very close.)


  1. Meh. We want Meredith! Meredith! Meredith!

    Bug Dad about downloading the Baroque Festival stuff. I want to see your hands bouncing around like that again. :-)

  2. We were hoping to see you guys play but found out too late.:\ Oh well, I'm sure you all did wonderful!

  3. I want to hear you play some time! I bet you're great!

  4. Sarah Me =)25/11/11 2:52 PM

    Cool song! I would love to see you play it!! :D