Wednesday, November 16

Puppy wants to exercise too!

Mom and I were downstairs at 6:00 this morning getting ready to go on our 1.6 mile walk, and then I stuck my head outside to see if it looked like rain. The humidity was at about 6043%, so we decided not to go on a walk. Outside, that is. We popped in our two-mile walk DVD and got hopping. Now, you must know, our dog is a little bit crazy and she doesn't like unusual happenings. So me and Mom walking (marching, rather)in place in the middle of the living room was somewhat upsetting to her. So she came over and started jumping up on us. Naturally! Let me just tell you it was very hard doing knee lifts and side-steps with a little puppy jumping all over you! I do not recommend it highly.


  1. Tut, tut, it looks like rain! :)

    Haha, that's funny.