Tuesday, November 1


As I'm sure you know, today marked a momentous occasion!
YOU: What are you talking about, you moron?
ME: DUH! First day of November!!!!!
YOU: Um, yeah. I'm just going to go...somewhere else. Not here.

So what happens this month?
Well, I'll just list a few.
  1. My little bro's 11th birthday
  2. The West Florida Home Education Support League's spelling bee
  3. A couple of piano performances/competitions
Hmmmmm.....I feel like I'm forgetting something important....OH YEAH!!!!!

     4.  THANKSGIVING!!!!!

That one's a little important, eh? (ooooh, I'm Canadian!)


  1. Haha! My little brother is turning 10 this month. :)

    I love Thanksgiving! That is my favorite holiday. I can't believe it's here again! It feels like we just had it. :) I'm excited!

  2. Sarah Me =)4/11/11 8:12 PM

    Hey! I didn't know that Cameron's birthday was in November! (so is mine!!) When is his birthday?