Wednesday, October 5

My Top Whatever

Top However Many I Come Up With Things About Me

1. I'm kind of silly and crazy. A lot.
2. I love music (especially from movies and musicals. but classical too.)
3. I love to bake and to enjoy the fruits of my labors in the kitchen.
4. I hate beans of all kinds. Except jelly beans.
5. I am a gadget girl.
6. I love to paint, draw, and take pictures.
7. I love dogs and cats.
8. I am a recently converted beach lover.
9. I am very, VERY competitive.
10. I love kickball, volleyball, softball, soccer, keepaway, four square, catch, etc...
11. I am an incurable overachiever.
12. My ideal activity is curling up on my bed with a box of chocolate and a good book. Or six.

1 comment:

  1. Sarah Me =)7/10/11 7:53 PM

    Hey! I love to bake too, and I also hate beans! And I agree with the #12 all the way!! =D