Monday, October 10

Fine Arts

Pensacola Christian College (where my dad works)has a special performance, like a play or musical, concert, etc... about four times a year. Everyone gets to dress up in their formal wear and parade around. And there was no way I was missing out on that!
Me and my big brother (you can't really see my dress, cuz it was dark and my dress was black)
Me and my dad

I was wearing so much hairspray that I thought it would never come out! And I learned something else: I DESPISE lipstick. Yup! That's why it goes in the bottom of my makeup box and doesn't come out till November, when we have the NEXT Fine Arts!


  1. Sarah Me =)10/10/11 9:23 PM

    Looks like it was fun! Oh, and I like your dress! :)

  2. How fun. :) It is always fun getting dressed up! We actually live nearly right next to PCC. Our neighborhood is full of families that work and go to school there.