Tuesday, October 11

Ice cream

I was squatting in front of an ice cream stand, reading the flavor list. 'Chocolate peanut butter explosion' and 'coconut cream pie' stood out to me. I thought about whether I wanted rich, chocolatey taste mixed with my favorite non-main dish food, peanut butter; or if I wanted the sweet, tropical flavor of coconut. I was just about to make up my mind when Mom shook me awake. Oh, well. It was still a pleasant dream.
Also, an easy ice cream recipe for fellow peanut butter lovers.
1 bowl of vanilla ice cream (you could probably use chocolate, too)
About 2 tablespoons (heaping)of peanut butter
Drop the peanut butter in your ice cream.
You can stir it all together, or just leave the dollops as they are.
It's really completely up to you.
Sit down with a book and enjoy!

I actually sat down in front of the TV with mine, but hey! Same difference!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to ruin that dream for ya! You should have asked me to join you in it, and then we'd have been all set!

    Love you!