Friday, October 14

Art project

This is an art project my mom taught in the art class at our homeschool co-op. You take black construction paper, then you cut out little paper thingies to look like trees, houses, etc... Then you glue them on and start painting! Using mainly orange, white, and yellow, paint swirly thingies and stars with little circles all around them. Then you make the moon by doing a crescent shape and surrounding it with all kinds of yellow, orange, and white, to look like it's glowing. Then you do the finishing touches. Because I'm the teacher's daughter (and I'm not in that class), I got to do one ahead of time as a reference for the little kids. Here they are!

The real thing, Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
Mine, A Ripoff of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh by Meredith Stemen
My mom's

My brother's. Yes, Geoff is an artist- how did you guess?


  1. Sarah Me =)14/10/11 6:33 PM

    Very nice! Looks like they were fun to make! :)

  2. This was fun! I found out I like swirling paint on paper! :-)

  3. Ohh, nice pictures! I have actually heard of that Vincent dude and seen his drawing. I think one of my sisters put one of the songs about him on her blog. :)

  4. I so enjoyed seeing these! How...inspiring. How... perspective-giving. Thanks for sharing this with us!