Wednesday, October 19

Trip to Niceville, FL

Here's some photos from the trip our family took to Niceville, Florida on Saturday for my brother's piano competition. Which he won. Which means he plays with an orchestra in February. Which is pretty awesome. Anyway, got some great pictures from the Mattie Kelly Performing Arts Center there. Anyway, less talking, more pictures!
The weird art inside the Tyler Recital Hall, where the actual competition was held.

The old-fashioned biplane that lives there. It's called the Cam 12, so Cameron kind of loves it.

My little bro! Cameron is the king of totally posed shots.

Geoff, the lucky winner-though he didn't find out for a few hours!

Maybe Cameron learned that posed shot thing from someone else...

An extremely busy but still interesting photo

For some reason, the only word I can think of to describe this statue is 'groovy'

This might be my favorite shot of the day.

Geoff the art connoisseur

This pretty much epitomizes me and Geoff. I'm totally fly-away and goofy looking and Geoff...well, you know.


  1. Cool! Congratulations to your brother. One of my sisters was in a piano competition too, but I don't remember what place she came in. :) I like the pictures. And you Pooh shirt. :D

  2. Sarah Me =)19/10/11 8:25 PM

    Congratulations Goeffrey!! :) And I love the pictures Meredith! Particularly the one of Geoff with the fountin coming out of his head. ;)