Thursday, October 13


Today marks a momentous occasion: my 50th blog post! (noisemaker blows in the distance) I never would have thought when I started in July that anybody would actually read my blog, much less that I would end up with fifteen actual followers! I know that that number is miniscule compared to thousands of blogs out there, but I don't care! At least when you have a small number of readers, you know that that small bunch truly cares about you.
So today I am posting a list of things I will never do.

       10 things I will NEVER do

  • Compete in a decathlon. Or even know what all the events in a decathlon are, for that matter.
  • Play major league baseball. The multi-million dollar salary would be nice, though.
  • Go to college and major in English. Who cares if I can diagram every word in a sentence?
  • Eat anything that is either on fire or still alive.
  • Murder someone. Intentionally.
  • Do drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol. I'm weird enough by myself without any help from those.
  • Play the violin part of an orchestra piece on a cello just to show off. Not that I can play either of those instruments well enough to do that anyway.
  • Run for President of the United States. We'll see about the Student Government.
  • Write a globally acclaimed literary masterpiece. I'll be glad if I get an 'A' on my research paper.
  • And I will never, EVER stop eating chocolate. Unless I suddenly develop an allergy.

Anyway, if you ever catch me doing any of those things, feel free to slap me upside the head. Just warn me before you do it.

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  1. Congratulations!

    And I thought your post was funny. :)