Wednesday, June 12

Piano camp: Take 1

Okay. It's a REALLY bad idea for me to be blogging so late at night, especially when I KNOW that I'm in one of those moods where I just go a little loopy.

See this girl? Yes. That is me right now.
Sorry. But it's true.
I just wanted to let you guys all know what I've been up to this week!
I am doing a piano workshop/camp/thing at the University of West Florida. I've been having a wonderful time, quite honestly. Not only have I been learning a lot, but I've made new friends and gained some valuable performing experience. 
For one, I'm doing like my first duet ever with a pianist who doesn't live in my house with me, so practice time is much more valuable. (Not to mention that the duet is freaking awesome)
Additionally, I have learned a new kind of painting! I stepped away from my usual medium, watercolor, and tried my hand at acrylic. Now you may be wondering why I'm painting at a piano camp. Well, do you remember my post about the public piano program here in Pensacola? 
You know, this one?
Well. I get to help paint one of those pianos, which will then go out somewhere in Pensacola for the public to look at, plink around on, and enjoy. (hopefully) Also, one of my fellow pianists and I decided that we should finger paint on the side of the piano, obviously not realizing that....uh....the paint doesn't come off. In a desperate attempt to cover our kindergartenesque masterpiece, we ended up creating something worthy of Van Gogh or someone artsy like that. (In other words, it looks really cool.) So if you should chance to see a funny looking piano around town, check on the right side for my patch. ;)
There are a couple of other things I've learned too, but they're boring like augmented seconds and the Lydian mode and such like. 
Music nerd stuff.
But yeah! I hope you guys enjoyed hearing briefly about my adventures (and misadventures) of the first UWF piano week/camp/workshop/I don't even know. 


  1. Haha that picture made me laugh! That's so awesome that you got to paint a piano. :)

  2. Do they still have those pianos around town? If so, where could I find one? It would be cool if I could find and play one. :)