Tuesday, June 18

My piano camp

Well, for once I am living up to my talk. Here is my post about my piano camp at the University of West Florida, if you care. ;)
Okay. So it started last Monday, and we were there every day from ten to five, except Friday which went later cuz of our concert. There were eleven kids besides me. (It was awkward at first.)
We had ear training first, which started out torturous. We were taught to sing using do-re-mi (it seemed a lot easier on Sound of Music...) We also learned all the different intervals and how to recognize them by sound. We did melody and rhythm dictations, which were terribly tedious and torturous.
After ear training class, we went to collaborative piano, which was my favorite class. :) We got to sight read some music and were assigned duets and solos and trios to learn over the week and, ideally, perform Friday night. In collaborative piano we also learned some about accompanying for choirs and such.
This is Geoffrey and me with our collaborative piano teacher, Professor Riley, who reminded me of Cinna from Hunger Games. He was stinking awesome.
After that came piano painting. Which was fun. :D And also kind of stressful. But everything turned out okay! 

 And the completed masterpiece. I'll let you guys know when I find out where it gets put and you should go check it out. ;)
After that we had lunch. Which I liked. :D
Then we had theory class, which I was scared about but ended up loving. I was scared because before this camp, I really truly knew next to nothing about theory. But my awesome teacher helped me greatly and I feel like I learned a lot!
Our awesome theory teacher, Dr. Coleman, Geoffrey, and yours truly!! ;)
After that came music tech. Which was boring. :P
And then we practiced. And practiced a little more.
And went home.
And practiced a little more.
After five days of that, it was concert time!
Our WONDERFUL teachers for the week: Dr. Hedi Salanki-Rubardt, Professor Blake Riley, and Dr. Michael Coleman. :) These people know their stuff...
My awesome duet partner x)
 This woman is amazing. I loved taking lessons from her. (even though she almost punched me in the face...music is a dangerous field) She was also our ear-training teacher. And she is fantabulous. I could go on and on and on really....but for your sake, I shall stop.
And yeah! That was my week! It was educational, yes, but also very very VERY fun. :)
I want to go back next year.


  1. Sounds fun! Love how the piano turned out. And btw...you are really pretty Meredith. :) :)

  2. I like your outfit for the concert; it's cute! (: I have actually seen that Hedi lady a couple of times in a recital with one of my violin teachers. She was fun to watch. :)

  3. Sweet! Yeah, we saw her accompany one of our past violin teachers on the harpsichord. The piano looks awesome, and I can't wait to find it in town! And I do believe it took some work for Joanna with the whole "do-re-mi" that didn't sound like the Sound of Music...