Monday, June 17

On motivation

I've been feeling a really odd feeling lately. And it's kind of cool! It's not a feeling that I get a lot, but when I do, it's usually a very strong feeling. And it is almost always induced by listening to awesome music. (In this case, a lot of Rachmaninoff and the Les Miserables soundtrack.)
Trust me, I feel the same way.
I've felt like doing things lately, and doing things well, and planning for my future, and all kinds of stuff. The only problem is that I am a selectively motivated person.

"Oh, I feel really motivated to eat those brownies!"

"Oh, geometry...uh. I feel really meh."

However, my motivation has accomplished a few things at least.
For one, my performance at piano camp went quite well. (post probably to come about that)
Second, I have at least picked my classes for the fall semester at Pensacola State, and have preferences for teachers too. All that's left is working out all the nitpickery of my schedule.
Thirdly, I have finally gotten back into running. Although in all fairness, stopping wasn't from lack of motivation, just injury. My ankle feels fine though, so I think I should be able to pick back up and regain whatever ground I lost.
Fourthly, I signed up for a Florida driver's safety course. In other words, I took the first step towards getting my learner's permit. In other words, I could be driving within a year.
And this has been your daily dose of terrification, graciously provided by yours truly. ;)

But yes! I have been enjoying my motivation; however, I need sleep so I kind of hope it wears off soon.
A few random blog announcements: I am hoping to do a post (or six...) about my family reunion, similar to the way I did last year. We shall see. There's an awful lot to say and I don't want to bog you guys down. Also, I will be going to camp again in three weeks so unless I schedule posts throughout that time, I shall be a nonpresence for a bit.
Okay. I hope you guys all have a wonderful week! <3

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