Friday, June 28

I love you guys.
You keep me blogging, honestly.
If I didn't get such sweet feedback from you all, I don't think this blog would still be going like it is now.
I would have been left in a crumpled heap back in July of 2011, crying over my lost friend and constant companion: My Blog.
If not for you guys.
I like to think that you enjoy reading my ramblings at least fifty percent of the time, and thusly I keep posting them.

So thank you.
All of you. You are awesome. <3


  1. Your blog is like a sweet rose among the thorns of life; like the chocolate in chocolate chip cookies; like the cherry on the ice cream sundae of life! Please keep writing, Meredith; you have a real gift! If nothing else, you make us all laugh (really hard, sometimes!).

  2. I was going to say something amazing and encouraging, but your mom didn't leave anything for me to say... ;) Don't ever stop writing! <3

  3. Now what did you just write? I don't know...I didn't really read it. I just thought I'd leave a witty comment instead.

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog I love it! ;)