Monday, June 10

Fill Up Your Tank

Most of you guys probably know that I went to a family reunion last week. 
And it was awesome.
And I miss everyone a LOT now. 
So yes, I think you could say that there's a sort of emptiness inside. After spending nearly every minute of four days with the people I love most in all the world, suddenly being separated from them is hard, yes.
So do I feel empty?


However, one of the devotionals that was delivered while we were in North Carolina has given me a new perspective on this situation.
Yes, we all feel the ache in the missing our loved ones, but we spent four days in Christian fellowship, sharing our love for God and each other, praising Him with our song, and trying to give glory to Him in whatever we did.

And because of that, I also have a happiness and satisfaction which nothing could bring but having a full spiritual tank.

Because we were able to share this common bond of Christianity, it is my hope that everyone in attendance at our reunion left feeling the same way. We built each other up, encouraged each other in Christianity, and learned more about our God. 
This also reminds me of the verse we Christians quote often at funerals, about not sorrowing as the world sorrows because we have hope and assurance that nobody but God can bring. I don't know what the future holds, and it's true that I may not see some of my family again in this life (though I pray that God will bring us all safely back together again next year), but I know that God holds the future, and I'm trusting in Him to fill up my spiritual tank in every situation.

Yup. It's definitely full right now. :)

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