Wednesday, June 26

Youth Group Games

I've been looking at group games for teenagers.

It has been an entertaining experience.
I've found a couple that have been particularly interesting, and I thought I'd share them with you.

Top Ten Worst Group Games EVER.

1. Ultimate Cantaloupe - Ultimate Frisbee, but with a cantaloupe. Please tell me you see that this is dangerous, potentially very messy, somewhat wrong according to the laws of physics, and very, very stupid.
2. Slip 'n' Slide Kickball - Kickball, but with Slip 'n' Slides in between the bases. The game description even recommends keeping a first aid kit on hand during play. Is this not an obvious enough clue that THIS IS A BAD IDEA?
3. The Human Knot - Now, I have heard stories from some of you about the notorious untangling game...and this sounds pretty similar. Really. "Let's have all these hormonal teenagers with low standards and no sense of personal space link hands, arms, legs, and who knows what else and then try to get apart from everyone else! That sounds like a fun, wholesome, safe activity!"
4. Thread the Spoon - Take a frozen spoon, tie yarn to it, and thread it through your shirt and pants. Pass the spoon to the next player, who will also thread the spoon through their clothing. This one is just gross.
5. Duct Tape Head - Two players compete at once. Mummify the players' heads with duct tape, sticky side out. Dump a box of plastic spoons on the floor in front of them and have them roll their head in the spoons. Whoever picks up the most spoons in a minute, wins. Yeah. Cuz I LOVE rolling in spoons while my head is wrapped in duct tape.
6. Kill Ball - Players stand in a circle with a volleyball. They start a volley. The first person to miss goes and sits in the middle of the circle. The other players start a new volley, hitting the ball three times. After the third hit, the next player must kill the ball into the middle, trying to hit the player in the middle. If they succeed, play continues. If they miss, they must go to the middle. (Honestly I'm not sure if this is one of the worst games ever or one of the best.....)
7. Frisbee Dodgeball - Dodgeball, but with Frisbees instead of balls. Last time I checked, I prefer NOT getting hit with the Frisbee, don't you?
8. Silent Telephone - Like the game of Telephone, but instead of whispering the word to the player next you, you write it with your finger on their back. Be sure to gently trace the word while laying your soft, warm hand on the other player's arm (to be sure they hold steady). When you finish the word, let your hand linger just a helps the game, really.
9. Trust Fall - No explanation necessary, right? Okay, good.
10. Anything involving chocolate syrup, marshmallows, or toilet paper.

Avoid these games at all costs. Please.


  1. You seriously make me guffaw.

  2. HA.
    #1. Look up stupid in the dictionary...
    #2. I must be losing it cause this game SOUNDS AWESOME.
    #3. Um. Ok...weird...
    #4. So THIS is what the typical American teenagers do for fun! And THIS is why I am NOT the typical American teen! Glory hallelujah.
    #5. Whoever invented that must have been really bored. And had an obsession with duct tape.
    #6. Seriously this sounds like a blast!
    #7. ...
    #8. ...
    #9. Look up the nearest hospital before playing this game. Matter of fact...just don't even play this game...genius idea...
    #10. Bring it on baby!

  3. Haha, that's funny. :D Some of them do sound kind of fun though...

  4. Aha...hahaha...ahh....Yeah, anyways. The slip and slide kickball sounds fun though!