Tuesday, September 20

Warning! Really Long Post Ahead! My Library

 This is my library! You will find if you volunteer at your local library for the summer, you will have an irresistable urge to organize books, CDs, and movies. Yesterday I organized our CD cabinet (only about half of our CDs actually make it in there). I have also taken some of the books that were sitting on top of bookshelves and put them inside the shelves. Anyway, I had also taken all of the books and CDs I either own or have sort of claimed as mine and put them in my "library".
 Kind of pathetic, huh? But anyway, all of my favorite books are in there, along with some of my favorite music. There are nine or ten books, but I have only put eight of them in here, because one is all ratty and gross and the other one- well, I couldn't find it.(sheepish grin)
These are my two favorite series of books so far. At least the two that I have multiple books from. They are the Mysterious Benedict Society series, by Trenton Lee Stewart and the Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick. The Benedict books are basically mysteries. They're very enjoyable, plus they're not the kind you can just sit down and read in twenty minutes. They come highly recommended. By me. :) The Book Club series is kind of a candy book series. That means that there's not really anything super memorable about them. I like them because the characters are pretty relatable, and I can get my 'candy' reading without devouring the entire book right away. They actually take me almost an entire day. I'm actually missing one of the books, because they didn't have it at the bookstore when I had my last book shopping spree. They're good for me because the girls are going through middle and high school, starting in sixth grade, and I first started reading them in sixth grade. The problem is making them last that long! :)

 Here's a close-up of the Benedict books. There's book 1, The Mysterious Benedict Society, book 2,  The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, and the last book, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma. I never really understood how Harry Potter fans felt about the last book coming out until I read online that Prisoner's Dilemma was the last book. :(
 Here's the close-up of the Book Club books. The first is the pink one, The Mother-Daughter Book Club, then the second is the one I'm missing. It's blue, and it's called Much Ado About Anne. In that book, the book club reads Anne of Green Gables. It's fun to read the way that the characters compare themselves to the characters in whatever book they're reading. The third book is the purple one, Dear Pen Pal. I think they read Daddy Long-Legs in that one. I've never read that book, or even heard of it before I read Dear Pen Pal. Then comes Pies & Prejudice. Yes, it's an and sign, not the word and. Read the book and you'll find out why! As you probably could have guessed, they read Pride and Prejudice.

This is my CD collection. As you can see, I need to work on expanding that a little. Two of the three CDs are Christmas music. The third is one of the 5 Browns' CDs. They're a group of siblings who are all really talented pianists, and they play songs together. Their CDs usually have one or two with all five of them, a couple of solos, and duets, trios, and quartets. It's fun to listen to because my brother and I like to play duets together on the piano.

So there's my entire library! Usually I keep it on my bedside table, so if I want to read a new book or change the CD, I can just reach back and grab one. And yes, this is my artistic layout for photos only. Normally they get kept in stacks and containers.

Here's a picture of what my bedside table usually looks like. You can see my library, along with my small collection of shells, necklaces, and nail polish. There's also my Bible and my duct tape wallet, courtesy of my little sister. Oh, and pay no attention to the Snickers wrapper. That's not mine. :) It was probably Frederick, the imaginary homeless man who lives in our dishwasher. :)
Anyway, have a great day and don't forget that there's no better combination than this:
Gray day + Good book + Quiet music + Chocolate = :D


  1. Enjoyed your blog! Glad to meet Frederick...we have a "Frederick" in our home also...Guess it is time to give him a name!

  2. Please feel free to organize books or CD's any time! And the chocolate you're enjoying on that gray day with your book and music better not be mine! This post was fun to read. :-)

  3. Um, yeah, about the chocolate...
    You don't count your Hershey's kisses, right Mom?

  4. LOVE the chocolate banter. And the book talk.
    Have just jotted down The Book Club series on a post it to remind myself to check on those at our library. Thank you for that!

    Tell me how you bookmark or IF you bookmark at all. I'd like to know. I often use candy wrappers. (smile)

  5. Meredith, the Leah who posted about using candy wrappers for a bookmark is the one you can thank for recommending the Mysterious Benedict Society books.

  6. Mrs. Knowlton,
    I pretty much use whatever I have handy for a bookmark. Sometimes I use dollar bills, sometimes garbage. Oh, and occasionally, I use a REAL bookmark!!:)
    And thanks for recommending the Benedict Society books to my mom. To be honest, I didn't think I'd like them at first, but then I kind of got caught up in the story. How did your daughter like them?
    BTW, I'm not psychic, Mom just tells us a lot from off her Facebook page :)

  7. I am SO GLAD you like the Benedict Society books! Truthfully, my youngest daughter and I have only read the first book. She is 12 and a somewhat reluctant reader.

    Quincy—my 20-year-old daughter who introduced us to the book in the first place—is a veracious reader and loves the series.

    You would have smiled seeing Quincy come in a few days ago with a huge stack of books from the Books-a-Million store closing in Tupelo. She was glowing!

    Garbage for bookmarks...totally!I have been known to use a partially used tissue. Now that I think of it...yuck!