Friday, September 9

Well THAT'S off my chest!

So glad that my speech is over and that it went well! I got a 95 from my group's evaluator and good constructive criticism from my peer evaluation sheets. I somehow managed to fool my audience of six that I was relaxed when, in reality, I was knock-kneed :) Everybody seemed to feel pretty good about how they did afterwards, and they looked glad to have it over with, too! Tonight we head off to the opening meeting of the West Florida Home Education Support League. Hopefully I can get some names on my sign up list for the field trip I planned!! So, how do I feel about my speech? The best way for me to say it is with a quote. In the immortal words of some kid, "THUMBS UP EVERBODY!" :)


  1. Sarah Me =)9/9/11 6:03 PM

    I'm sure you did great! I wish that I could have heard it. I know what you mean by everyone thinking that you were calm when you weren't; I was shaking like a leaf, and no one seemed to have noticed. I'm so glad that we don't have to give one next week!!!!!! :D

  2. Mrs. Hunter told me you looked as cool and calm as you could be up there. She also said you did an awesome job! Your hard work paid off!

  3. Your blog is great, and I enjoy reading it. Oh, and I LOVE the fish at the top of your page!