Saturday, September 3


So today, we pretty much stayed at home, except for taking Dad to work and getting lunch with the family. Do you want to know why? I'm going to tell you anyway!!!!! We are in the middle of hurricane season here in Pensacola, and currently, the Sunshine State is anything but. So, I have just one question for you guys. Well, just one until I think of another one, anyway. Am I weird for totally loving this tropical storm we're getting right now? Because I'm, like, relishing it! I just love the high winds, especially when I get to stand out in them, and the rain is so cool to watch, especially when it's coming down sideways. Although I may not enjoy it so much at church tomorrow when I have to walk from the Sunday School building over to the main auditorium! :)
Remember your umbrella! And wear about two cans of waterproof hairspray!

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  1. I'm OK with tropical storms. Hurricanes not so much!