Wednesday, September 28


I was babysitting on Monday and I had brought my science book along to work on when the girls went to sleep. I was sitting there watching the two year old and her baby sister eat their lunch when suddenly...
2 yr. old: Read to me!
Me: What do you want me to read?
2 yr. old: That big book over there.
I go get my science book.
Me: This one?
2 yr. old: Yeah!
Me: OK, but I don't think you'll like it.
2 yr. old: I do! I like it.
Me: If you're we're going to learn about chlorofluorocarbons.
I proceed to read a paragraph.
2 yr. old: I don't like this book.
So what did we learn today? A two year old's attention span, already like that of a sparrow suffering from ADHD, is shortened further by ninth-grade physical science.
Maybe I should bring an easier book next time....

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  1. Haha, that's funny! That kind of happened to me one time. My two-year old nephew wanted to read a book about insects, but after a page or two, he was ready to find something else. :)