Friday, September 2


Okay, so, while I don't think my artwork is that good, I am my own toughest critic. These are just a few of my favorites! So enjoy, and tell me what you think of them! By the way, our scanner is not that great, so I'm sorry if the pictures look a little funky :)
 You may recognize the picture above from a previous blog post! I've done about six versions of this, but this is the best one.
 This is also a picture from Banner Elk, NC, where we have our family reunion.
I told you the scenery was beautiful!!! If I am not mistaken, this flower is mountain laurel, and it grows a lot in the camp we stay at. When we had a baby shower for my aunt, we picked some of this and a few adventurous souls even managed to get some water lilies for some pink decorations!
This is a painting I did two years ago and it is still my favorite watercolor I've ever done. It's, like, the only one where I don't look at it and go, "EEW! That looks absolutely disgusting!!"
So that's a good thing, right? :) 
This is a painting I did in January, I think. I take most of my reference pictures from Zoobooks magazine, which we used to get but don't anymore. In fact, I'm not sure if it's still around. But anyway, we have about six trillion and three here, and they're filled with perfect models. They don't move at all, so you can take as long as you want! I believe this one took me about two days, which is a really long time on a painting for me. I like to start, get it done, and put it away. Or post it on my blog so you can see it!!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at these, and if you would like more, just tell me!


  1. The mountain laurel photo is beautiful. We don't have laurels this far north, and I miss them! The hummingbird painting is great. I like the use of a wide variety of blues and greens from deep dark to very pale.

  2. Those are some really cool pictures! I love all of the mix of colors in the backgrounds and such. And I definitely know what you mean about finishing a picture and being done with it. I have the same thing with a lot of stuff I do, which can also be a burden. :) Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh my goodness! Those are great. I wish I could do that! :)

  4. Sarah Me =)6/9/11 7:08 PM

    That is so cool Meredith! I love them!! And yes, I would love to see more! :D