Wednesday, March 7


Pensacola looks and smells like spring! I love these days, even though I'm preparing myself for that day when it will be ninety degrees all of a sudden. Still, I'll enjoy it while I can. This is part of our backyard (I'm allowed to take pictures now that we've mowed the lawn).
 You can finally see the green on our tree! It makes me think of Secret Garden (the movie). "There'll be roses!"

 I'm so glad for that beautiful blue backdrop! :D
 Had to take this picture, with softball tomorrow and all!
 Hmmm, some nice product placement there!
Yes, I have a pink softball glove. Seriously though, if you know me at all, you probably knew I would. I have a pink softball, but we can't use it at PE because it hits really really really far and lots of the guys don't need help with that. I always say that we should let just the girls use it, but it never works out. I have a pink baseball bat, too, but it's much too small for me and Geoff. Still, I always bring it because some people like small, light bats. I prefer my giant bat that says HAMMER on it though.

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  1. Nice pictures! :) I know, I'm loving the spring weather. But, more clouds today. :(