Thursday, March 1

I miss battleball! :(

I was just sitting here at the computer when someone in my neighborhood screamed, "NOOOOOOO!"
Kind of how I felt when we left PE how did it go down, guys? Nobody died while I was gone, right? :) Still, if we had to leave PE, we never had a better reason: we went to the beach for my little sis's birthday! While we were driving, it got really foggy, and at the beach it was so foggy that you could hardly see the waves from the pavilion we were eating in. Our hair actually got wet from the moisture in the air!
Now the whole family is getting ready to head out to Cracker Barrel for dessert, and Dad and Audrey are arguing over who gets to split their apple dumpling with Mom. Easy: GET YOUR OWN STINKIN' APPLE DUMPLING!
Anyway, to close I shall quote Helen Roland, a quote that pretty much hits the nail on the head concerning my blog posts:
A man never knows how to say goodbye; a woman never knows when to say it.
Sooooo, goodbye! (I did it! Congratulate me - whoops, there I go again) :)


  1. No worries! No one died. :) I think it went pretty well, but people kind of were losing their enthusiasm over it... and it was hot...

    I always have a hard time closing my post, too! So well done. :)

  2. Lizbeth :}6/3/12 11:28 AM

    My ego died. :{ Stupid Dora ball!