Saturday, March 24

Big Lagoon 5K

I woke up at 5:30 this morning (after only three hours of sleep because I spent the night at a friend's house and of course we stayed up late!) and went to Big Lagoon for a 5K. There were probably twenty or thirty people there, and about half of them were homeschooled friends. So I went. And I walked. And I actually did run a little (very little) bit.

 Here's Geoff stretching. He did the full 5K.

 Here we all are at the starting line! I actually found out the morning of the race that there was also a 2.5K. But it's probably good that I didn't know about it because then I would have done that instead of the full 5.

We're off! It was probably about seven now. Normally I would still be in bed. :)
 Cameron after he finished the 2.5K. He ended up winning first with a time of about twenty minutes, I think.
How can you have just finished running a 5K and still look so good???
 Now they're waiting for me.
 Still waiting.
 I think Bria's like, "How long is she gonna take?? Seriously, come on!" :)
 Here's Daniel finishing up! He did the full 5K in about 45 minutes!! Good job buddy! Who's yo daddy now?
 All of the homeschoolers who did it! At that point, I was kind of in shock, like, "I totally just did that!"
 Okay, so from left, Bria got first in the women's division, Mrs. Loucks got second in the women's division, Cameron got first in the children's 2.5K, Mrs. Brown got third in the women's division, Emily got second in the children's 2.5K, and Daniel got second in the children's 5K. I finished. :)
Me and Allie and Bria!I look awful, but there's like nobody who looks good after they've been exercising...right?
So even though I had a KILLER time of about fifty minutes, I JUST FINISHED MY FIRST 5K!!!
Now for a shower....


  1. hahaha I had so much fun with you:)

  2. Sarah Me =)24/3/12 3:14 PM

    Congratulations! =D Great job to everyone!!! Maybe if I get my knee fixed sometime, I can do it with you! :D

  3. Fun-ness! ;D I thought of you guys today and it's really weird because we were at big lagoon this morning kayaking! That explains why I felt your presence...Haha!

    Sarah, when your knee is better, all of us girls can go and do it as well! Now I just need to be able to run a small distance... ;D

  4. What wonderful pictures! You must have an awesome photographer! :-) Great job on finishing, Meredith! I was proud of you!

  5. I love hearing your side of this event. Congrats on finishing your 5K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Great job Meredith! And all of you who did it! It is such a great thing to accomplish!!

  7. Awesome Job Meredith!!! I'm so glad I got to be there for your FIRST 5k!!! I look forward to MANY more with you!!! :D