Tuesday, March 6


Okay, so you know that I typically do a post whenever we switch to a new sport at PE, and this Thursday we're playing softball. Even though I'm not very good at softball (and I'm not lying this time), I do have a few tips that should help out a little.

When fielding:

  • Don't be shy! Most of the people in our group don't hit the ball hard enough for it to hurt. Unless it's one of the athletic guys and you're not in the outfield, your chances are pretty low of actually getting hurt, so go for it!
  • Make sure you call the ball. Last year a kid got hit in the face because of a mistake here. The ball got hit up, and one guy started backing up to get it while another guy started going forward to get it. Both of them were looking straight up at the ball, and they didn't see each other. They ran into each other and were startled, so they put their gloves down. The one guy moved, the other didn't, and the ball hit the guy in the face. If they had called it, one of them would have backed down and we would not have had an accident.
  • If you're a baseman, pay attention! My team has missed so many easy outs because various basemen weren't paying attention. Of course, the pay attention rule applies anywhere, but still.
  • If you have a question, talk to your team captain (if you have one) or one of the athletic guys on your team to see if they can help (they usually can). Connor and Jay are my go-to guys if I have a question/problem. They like to win, so they're willing to help teammates out.
When batting:

  • Don't swing at every pitch! As you play more, you'll start to be able to recognize what kind of pitch you like. For example, I like mine high and a little outside, but somebody else likes them low and centered. It sounds hippie, but go with the flow and don't feel pressured to swing if you're not comfortable. Just don't take forever.
  • Unless you know you can keep your swing smooth, don't swing as hard as you can. Swinging with as much power as you can tends to interrupt the flow of your swing. Try to do an even swing with good power, and as you learn to control it, increase the power. 
  • Even if you know you're not that good, take control! If you walk up to the plate like, "Oh no, I stink at this game and I'm afraid of the ball and I really hope this bat doesn't hurt my face," then you're not going to intimidate the other team at all, and you're not going to motivate yourself to do well. You have to walk up there with confidence and do your thing! Who cares if you strike out - you struck out with finesse! I've pretty much got the intimidation thing down to a science. How do you think I got my nickname? I actually did get it playing softball at PE! I was batting, and I guess I made a mean face or something.
When doing anything on the softball field:

  • Always be alert and listen to your teammates. It could save your head from a softball-shaped dent or give your team a point.
  • Be a good sport. Team banter is fine (and fun!) but make sure that you're not being mean or hurting someone's feelings.
  • Be supportive. My teammates are always complaining to me for cheering for the other team, but I see nothing wrong with that, only because I always cheer for my own team too. (a little louder than I do for the other team, but still!) If someone on the other team makes a great catch, tell them so! Being nice to people typically results in them being nice to you!
I hope these tips will help you out, even if you're scared to play softball. And when we get there on Thursday, I don't want anyone to be talking about how they're not very good. You walk onto that field with confidence and show them what you're made of!


  1. Wow... that really helped. Thanks! :)

  2. Lizbeth Black6/3/12 11:24 AM

    I don't know why but Jay Grubb just started calling you "Death"....don't know why thats just Jay.

    1. I mean, not that I mind the nickname! It's sort of fitting...

  3. That was very beneficial thanks Death! :P

  4. Sarah Me =)7/3/12 5:35 PM

    Thanks for all the tips! :)