Thursday, March 29

Buttercups vs. Snapdragons

Softball - although I may express mixed feelings about it, I really do love it!! Today's game only confirmed that my love is not wasted. I shall inform you of the game's highlights.
1. Buttercups vs. Snapdragons. The Buttercups had a five point lead on us. Finally in the third or fourth inning, Connor made it home for our first score. We rode our high all the way out.
2. Fourth inning. The Snapdragons score several more points. Much rejoicing.
3. Fourth inning. I've had a hit, and now I'm on third. Connor is telling me to run as soon as I know it's safe. The hit and it's up. It drops without being caught, so I start running to home. I notice David Brown, the biggest, baddest guy on the other team. He's running in to get me out at home! Anyone who knows me knows I am not going down without a fight. As I'm nearing home, I see him reach up to snag the ball. Energy surges through me and I plow through him, knocking us both over. My friends say I went flying. Everyone was making sure I was OK, and I just wanted to know if I was safe! I was. Score.
4. I get a hit and make it to first. Eventually, I score again.
5. In an impossible backwards, sideways, who knows catch, Bria gets Paul out. You go girl! <3
6. Two outs and Joel is up. Some of you may have noticed the friendly rivalry between me and Joel, and if you have, you'll understand my satisfaction at this. Joel hits the ball, a good hit! Unfortunately, my glove was in the way. It felt so natural when I caught it! I think the practice is paying off.
7. In a classic case of the comeback kids, the Snapdragons have overtaken the Buttercups and we lead by one or two points. We have the last at-bat, but there's a chance for us to win this thing, right here, right now. Two grounders to the shortstop, who fires them over to first. Two outs. The hit is a pop fly, going up and up,'s caught!
Somehow, we pulled up from a five point drag to win the game!! It was super fun, plus for the first time I feel like I was a help to my team! All in all, a great game! I can't wait to play again!! :)


  1. So did the girls get to pick the team names? :-) Somehow I can't imagine David picking "Buttercups" for the name of a team he's on.

  2. I was actually surprised that a bunch of guys on our team wanted "buttercups" imstead of "the mighty beards". :D It was a good game, though I think our team would have done better if we didn't lose four good people. I'll try to get some practice in. You did some great hits, Meredith!

  3. Sarah Me =)31/3/12 4:38 PM

    Too bad I missed it! :( sounds like it was a good game though! :)

  4. I can here the sports announcer: "and the ball is up, it drops without interference! Meredith on third starts flying toward home! But wait! David thinks he can out run her! She sees him and the race is on!!! He's closing in with the ball, she's pumping, its gunna be close folks!!! He's almost got her but she's not going down without a fight!!!!! Go Meredith!!! Beat him up!!! They arrive at the same split second, she slams him!!!! And there ladies and gents is some real softball action!!!!! Can we have a replay of the slam? What?!?!? No one was taping?!?!?!?!
    You were great Meredith!!!!!
    Lizbeth :}