Saturday, March 17

So I know I told several of you about our competition today, and I know that I didn't tell some of you. Still, in case you don't feel like actually reading yet another post about a piano competition, in a nutshell, it was a good day. Not our best day, but it was definitely good!
Soo... pictures!
 Here's Audrey's group. It was her first year, and she played really well (don't let her tell you anything else)! She didn't win anything this time, and she's a little upset, but she really did do a great job. The lower levels actually have some of the toughest competition because there are just SO many competitors. Plus each performer sounds pretty much the same...
 Here I am getting my third place award for Sonata Level 12. I was very happy with third because I totally blew my piece! There's not a picture, but I also won second in the Piano High School Scholarship-Lower and seventy-five dollars! It looks exactly the same as this anyway!
 This is Geoff and his competition for the day! He ended up with second place in Piano High School Scholarship-Upper and seventy-five bucks, so we came out even!
It was SO bright there! I actually got sunburned at a piano competition! Something weird happens every time we go to a competition. One time we were down in south Florida for one and there were iguanas all over the place we were having it at!
Anyways, it was good. I was happy, and that's what counts, right? Wrong.


  1. Aww, I didn't know. :) Yay! Don't you just love competitions? :D I can't even do recitals...

  2. Congrats! I'm sure you were all great. ;) The picture of you getting your award is a very pretty one of you, I might add!

  3. Sarah Me =)18/3/12 10:33 AM

    Great job you guys! I love the pictures! :D

  4. FANTASTIC JOB YOU GUYS!!!!!! Thats so awesome!! I love listening to you all play!