Monday, September 16

On College Professors

I'm like actually giggling just thinking about writing this post... It's going to be too much fun.

I have been dual enrolling at Pensacola State for about a month now, so I've gotten pretty used to the way my teachers teach, test, and grade. And even better than all that businessy jazz, being me, I've found something humorous about each of them.

(I'm also going to use Rate my Professor to help me write this post, simply because I think that it's absolutely hysterical what other people say about my current teachers. I shan't name names, but maybe you'll know some of them anyway.)
I shall now tell you about my algebra teacher.
First of all, just understand that he is awesome. He's like the coolest ever (for a math teacher). He somehow manages to make his class fun, which boggles my mind, and I just sit there like
Yeah. It's pretty legit. Plus, he has an awesome beard and looks like Jeffery Dallas.

Next I think I'll talk about my American government professor. He comes to class every day decked out like he's heading off to Hawaii. He starts talking, and an hour and fifteen minutes later, he stops talking, and you'd better have written everything he said down. One student said that he "has a script of the entire history of the world memorized."

Next is my music appreciation teacher. At first glance, she looks like a sweet, kind old lady who plays the piano for her sad little Baptist church. But then she starts talking, and you learn that she is a past Navy officer with zero tolerance for rule breakers and high expectations. And when she sits down at the piano, she plays funky spunky chunky monkey jazz with high energy. So for her I say simply this: looks can be deceiving.

And now my English Comp I teacher.
He's super cool.
He's like fifteen minutes late to class all the time, which is fine by me because I get to sit and read and laugh inwardly at my apelike classmates. 
He never lets out less than twenty minutes early. 
I was really expecting to hate him, namely because of this review: "omg professor [name deleted to protect the innocent and also because this genius spelled it incorrectly] is a horrible teacher he is very confusing when he assigns papers then he turns around and grades like a nazi. i didnt learn anything and he needs to help the students that ask for it. i would never suggest taking him unless u love to write and can write super well right off the bat because otherwise u will b in the hole :("
Ooh, and here's another good one: "I would tell anyone that like the subject english not to take Mr. [Goodness people, his name is not that difficult to spell] He does not explain things to you well. I will say that he is a pretty funny man, but thats all I could say about him."
I don't know why I listened to those reviews in the first place, since they were obviously from very credible sources who would do well in an English class and know the difference between a "Nazi" teacher and someone who has expectations of his students... Totally.
This is my favorite class now.

My conclusion: College professors are an odd, widely-varied species which will never be fully understood or explained.


  1. Haha! Right on! ;D

  2. I hope I get to hear your music appreciation teacher play the piano some time. High energy "funky, spunky chunky monkey jazz" sounds really cool.