Wednesday, September 11


I'm weird.
I don't know how this happened, but it's true.

(I also wonder when it is that being weird became some badge of honor rather than a disgrace)

There are a lot of random things I randomly do/think/say/shouldn't randomly say, that make me the randomly random person that I randomly am, so naturally, I'M GONNA TELL YOU GUYS.

Top 10 Random Things About Me
1. I can go from really super quiet to REALLY SUPER LOUD AND SPASTIC in about 2.78 seconds.
2. I positively despise white chocolate. I think it's a disgrace to humanity and the good name of chocolate.
3. I say "Your face" in situations where it really doesn't apply at all, simply because it's become a knee-jerk reaction.
4. I am incredibly obsessed with Jane Austen movies, and particularly the romantic interests of the female protagonists. (i.e. Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth -AAAH- etc..)
5. I'm ridiculously paranoid about crossing the street. It takes me like half an hour to get across a fifteen foot crosswalk.
6. I don't like hot drinks.
7. I am against white mint chocolate chip ice cream. It must be green, or it doesn't taste right.
8. I am very easily startled by bugs, people, phones, potato chips, dogs, hats, sheet music, doors, backpacks, trees, glasses, lotion, water, frisbees, flowers, and did I mention bugs? I don't like bugs...
9. I'm kind of obsessed with the way things smell. My room has about fourteen different air fresheners (okay, two), I do happy dances over my body spray, and I immediately flip over any guy wearing a decent cologne.
10. I laugh loud, long, and a lot. (But most of you probably knew this already)
11. I'm not good with numbers.



  1. #4 and #9 don't go together. The reason you like the male characters in Jane Austen's novels is that they portray masculine ideals that are attractive (admittedly, from a female perspective), not just because they smell good. While smelling good is always a plus, how about the all-important things like honesty, integrity, compassion, faithfulness, honor, and good manners? I suspect that cologne manufacturers would be thrilled to hear that all it takes to get a girl to flip over a guy is that he smell good. I can't let you get away with looking THAT shallow, Meredith! I know you don't "immediately flip" over a guy just because he emits a pleasant aroma.

    #6 - Someday you will appreciate a cup of good, hot coffee. By then, you will probably have kids and forget where you put your cup so it gets cold over and over again.

  2. Mom, they totally go together because if a guy has honesty, integrity, compassion, faithfulness, honor, and good manners, of course he will have habitually good hygiene, and consequently, he will smell nice. :D

  3. I think being weird started becoming a "Badge of honor," as you say, when people started realizing, "Oh my gosh! She's weird too, just like me! Hey wait...a lot of people are weird!!" In fact, nearly everybody has several weird things about them. Oh, and I must ask...HOW DO YOU GET EASILY STARTLED BY POTATO CHIPS?! :-o

  4. You know, I don't think white chocolate is really white chocolate, because cocoa beans must be used to make chocolate...hrmmm.....
    And these are more of like the 10-reasons-everyone-loves-you list! ;)