Thursday, September 5

My Adventure

Today I realized a terrible realization to realize.
I forgot to post about my trip to Ohio.

*Dun dun dun duuunnnn* 
(It's funny because the opening line of Beethoven's 5th was like code for victory during World War II or something like that.)

But I have tons of pictures and all kinds of commentary that you guys don't want to see or hear, so naturally - I MUST POST!

 For every gorgeous family picture we have, I can guarantee that there are twelve just like this. At first we couldn't figure out how Geoffrey managed to look so serene while the rest of us were being blinded, but then we noticed that his eyes are completely closed. And yup. This is my family.
 This is the kitten that had adopted my Aunt Elaine. She slunk around outside, attacking various shrubs and waiting for food. (She was appropriately named Precious)
 I really missed the pink sunsets we've been having in Pensacola, but Ohio sunsets aren't so bad.
 The lake was maybe twenty feet from the house where we were staying, which was nice. Aunt Elaine had a huge window on one side of her house (it was almost the size of a whole wall) so we could sit in the living room and see this beautiful view.
 And of course, Cameron found a way to play video games...
 I honestly just got incredibly lucky with this shot. We were driving and I knew there was about a two percent chance that I would be able to get a decent photo coming around the corner in our van. So I stuck my camera out the window, crossed my fingers, and shot.
My camera loves me. x)
 One of the best things about playing photographer is when you get those shots that just really capture someone's personality.
This is definitely one of those shots.
 Yes, guys, it really was as picturesque as it looks. It was incredible.

 Another one of those personality shots. This is one of my favorite photos ever.

 This is pretty much what everything looked like along the roads in Ohio (unless it was a cornfield)
 Getting ready to head underground at Ohio Caverns! It was a cool trip, although it was somewhat monotonous looking at wet rocks the whole time...

 My beautimous little sister. <3

Ahahaha.... I'm picking on Dad and he doesn't know it....
 My pool buddy. I think we won...maybe?
 We employ extremely strict technique. This has been practiced for hours and is a complex art that takes years to perfect.

Now I could have posted tons and tons of photos from underground in the Ohio Caverns, but it really would have been pointless. Everything looked pretty much like this. It was interesting, but nothing particularly spectacular, and thusly not worthy of four thousand pictures when one will suffice.

So yeah! Those were a few of my favorites. Because I know that your interest in my life is somewhat limited as a general rule, I have mercifully stopped there. If you want to see them all and hear the long, boring narrative which accompanies, feel free to stop by (and bring a cantaloupe or something)


  1. Lots of fun memories! Great job on your photos!

  2. Soooo... why did you go to Ohio??

    Nice pictures!

  3. Only just saw this, but had to comment because it was full of really awesome and amusing pictures! :D