Sunday, February 19

Stars of Tomorrow concert

Geoff won a competition a while back, and on Friday night he had his performance with the orchestra. It was cool. Sadly, we didn't get pictures of him playing, because the lighting was bad, there were people in front of us, and various other reasons. I shall complain no more and instead show you the pictures. My mom took them, as I was not feeling well and in a bit of a mood. :)
 Geoff's dressing room door. I told Geoff I thought it was lame that they didn't even engrave a plaque for him. Maybe next time!
 Geoff in his tux in his dressing room. You could practically live in there, as long as you could bring in extra food. There was a shower and everything!
 The sign outside the college. Mom thought it was really cool and got all excited.
 The sign outside the Mattie Kelly. It looked pretty cool at night, did it not?
 Me and Geoff. We took three of these pictures and this is the best. And by best I mean that I looked the best.
 Back to business, people!
 Audrey, Cam, and Dad.
 Everybody thought Cameron looked so cute in his suit!
 Our friends who came to watch Geoff (Thanks, guys! It was cool to see ya!)
Geoff outside his dressing room. Doesn't he look starry eyed?
After that, we hung out in the hallway backstage for a while and had pictures taken. Lots of pictures.


  1. Yay! How cool! It's funny because that picture of Cameron looks just like the one with Geoff. :D Did all go well? I'm sure it did...
    I love concerts!

  2. Congrats to Geoff! That would have been really cool to see, but we could not make it. At least you had some people there for support! ;D

  3. Sarah Me =)20/2/12 1:22 PM

    It was so much fun!! I am so glad that we were able to make it! :D