Thursday, February 16

Today's happenings

Today's was an interesting morning. Geoff has his two big performances with the orchestra tomorrow, so today we went to pick up his tuxedo. Fun times, I tell ya!
 The incredibly scary mannequin at the formal wear place. The weird thing is that they have it/him right inside the door, so he/it's the first thing you see when you walk in.
 Here he is! He seemed to enjoy the tux, and it actually didn't look half bad. Not that I'd tell him that or anything. :)
 The peanut gallery. The first time we went to the formal wear place, we got in trouble for giggling at Geoff. I think we were in shock or something. :)
 There were these really pretty flowers outside the library. Naturally, I photographed them. They look like Easter!

 After the library, we had time to kill before picking up Dad from work, and we just sat on campus. I took pictures of random things sitting around the car.
 My mid-morning snack. It didn't work like on the commercials though. When you take a bite of it, your hair is supposed to blow back and you're supposed to get goosebumps and open your eyes really wide. That did not happen.
The sports center on campus. I actually had to crop the shot because there was a stupid little golf cart in the way. CURSE YOU, GOLF CART!!!!!!
Now I'm getting ready for PE. Today is dodgeball, so I'll be black and blue when I get home! :)

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  1. The same girl with the yellow power16/2/12 6:59 PM

    You look rather bored... :) Mannequins have always scared me. They are so... weird. ;) And yeah, those commercials are lying to you, Meredith! Don't listen!

    I hope Geoff's performances go well!