Saturday, February 11

Historic Pensacola

Since I'm the events coordinator for SGA, I have a few extra field trips that I get to go to (since I, you know, planned them and all). Today we had a field trip to Historic Pensacola. It was a perfect day for a field trip, except for the chilly weather. I took lots of pictures, and here's a few of my better ones!

This is one of the gardens at the first house we visited. There were a bunch of herb gardens, a sundial, some old outdoor stoves, and some other stuff I didn't get a picture of.

Isn't this house so cool? I like how complicated the stairs look!

Somehow, my camera miraculously behaved and took great pictures the way I wanted them! Good job, camera, and thanks!

This is Christ Church, I believe. It was built in 1832, and had many purposes in the Civil War and stuff. Yeah, I'm not a history buff.

Ooooh, another fence! Seriously, though, even the fences were beautiful!

I know the focus is totally off on this shot and it's very busy, but I wanted you guys to see how pretty the orange trees looked. They were so bright and colorful!

This is some of the detailing on an old mirror inside one of the fancier houses. The lighting was bad in there.

Cameron likes to be comfy and we weren't allowed to use the furniture. Ah, to be eleven! :)

This thing is a little crooked.

See the pretty flower shape?

Half the roses were dead. I was sad.

The last house we visited. It had all these gardens and stuff next to it -  so gorgeous!

Look at the intricate details in the painting on there! I would so not be patient enough for that.

Wow, another fence! You can see some of the gardens I was talking about earlier.
Overall, great morning with family and friends! Our tour guide was spunky and very informative, and she was always right on the ball with everything - even when we got locked out of one of the buildings momentarily (that was fun!). Then we went and had lunch at a park. In the cold. We shivered. I am very ready for it to warm up!

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