Monday, February 13

I love to sing, so even though my voice is comparable to a howler monkey with laryngitis, I tend to do it whenever I can. My favorite songs to sing are hymns and worship songs, and I love to sing in a group cuz you can mess around with harmonies and such. This week in Sunday School, we sang the song, "I Love You, Lord" right before we started the lesson. It was so cool to hear all of us teenage girls lifting our voices in song to the Lord and how all our voices blended in harmony. It was sending chills all down my back and I was starting to get emotional because it was so amazing. Watch this video and you'll sort of understand. :)


  1. Ohh, I was hoping we would hear you sing. :) But this song is nice all the same. I love to sing hymns as well, but as I said once, my sisters don't like me to sing with them because I sound like a girl. :)

  2. fiddling_girl6/3/12 9:51 AM

    That was...absolutely gorgeous. That has to be a little taste of what Heaven will sound like. Absolutely wow.