Friday, August 3

Songs in the Park

Last night was the last Songs in the Park ever EVER!!! :'(
As sad as that is, I have to say that it was a FABULOUS last night! I really couldn't have asked for a much better night! Except that I might have asked for it to be a little cooler...but oh well. The Frisbee game was awesome!
 The Frisbee is my best friend...

 I was Dad's official corn-buyer. I was walking through the park carrying this giant corn on the cob and I felt like I was carrying the Olympic torch or something.
 The tree just looked like it needed a hug.


  1. Sarah Me =)3/8/12 9:33 PM

    Yay! Pictures!! :D (I completely forgot to get some....) :} That was an amazing night! And the ultimate frisbee game was awesome!! XD I am so glad you guys were able to go! :)

  2. Aww, how sweet of you to give something a hug. :) I bet it made their day. :)