Thursday, August 2


Man, it's been a long time since I posted! Sorry...
Anyways, I did some baking today!
The first thing I made was Italian cream cake. I had never made it before, and I rarely bake cakes from scratch, so this was kind of a big thing for me! It had lots of ingredients...
So after a lot of measuring, mixing, and scratching my head in confusion, I came up with this.
 When I bake stuff, I'm normally so excited to eat it that I tend to rush things and mess it up.
Every other time I've made a cake from scratch (not in my EZ Bake oven), things look beautiful until I have to frost it. And then, all of a sudden, the cake collapses under the weight of all the frosting I put on there (what? I love frosting!) and it's a terrible scene...I think this time, the cake was so sturdy that it could handle the frosting and it stood up just fine. Add chopped walnuts, and you have a work of culinary art.
 It tastes good. :)
I made brownies too, but as they're from a mix, there are no interesting stories there. But they taste really good too. :)
I'm really going to try to post more, but there hasn't been that much happening lately! Hopefully when school starts back up there will be stuff to talk about that won't have you snoring. 


  1. Mmm, it all looks yummy! Oh, and I love lots of frosting too! :D

  2. YuMmY!! ;-) When do y'all go back to school? We go back Aug. 27. :-)

  3. Sarah Me =)3/8/12 9:30 PM

    Yay! You are back! ...oh, how I have missed you.... ;)
    The cake looks amazing!! And I guess your brownies were so amazing, that Gracy (I am pretty sure thats her name....) couldn't resist!! ;P