Wednesday, August 29

Hurricane Isaac

There are lots of awesome things about living in Pensacola.
Like this...
And this...'s pretty cool. 
But there are also some pretty not cool things about living here too.
Like this...
Yup...that's the biggie. The beach and all the beautiful stuff is awesome, but there's that certain time of the year that's known as "hurricane season" that's not so awesome.
Of course, you all know me and I HAD to take pictures of all the weird weather stuff. :)
 The clouds on Monday morning, before the hurricane hit. It was starting to get really windy, but it calmed down enough for us to get the hurricane shutters up, which was a huge blessing. :)
 More clouds...there were so many different kinds and they all looked so cool!!
 Monday afternoon...things are starting to get going!
 The hurricane shutters.
Over our fence and across the common area. I almost got blown off the fence cuz it was so windy. :) 
Never you fear though, even though those clouds look a little daunting, there is basically no problem with this hurricane for us. I can't speak for those in New Orleans or anywhere further west of us, but all we've suffered from this storm is a blustery, wet day...which is normal in Pensacola. 


  1. Lizbeth :)29/8/12 4:53 PM

    I love the beach!!! :) Maybe we will still go on Thursday!!! :) 2:15ish....see you there if we go??? :)

    ~Lizbeth :)

  2. *Gasp* H.A.A.R.P clouds! Did you know... ah, never mind.

    I uh, like your road. It's cute. :) I thought of Whinnie the Pooh when you said "blustery day". :)