Wednesday, August 29

This is a scam....not really. :)

Hey you!! Yeah, you with the face!!
I know that I don't have very many followers, but if of you guys could go to this website and vote for my cousin Allison's essay, it would mean a lot! Just go and click VOTE and VOTE for HER essay The Written Dream! And if you like you could even, maybe...I don't know, read it....just a possibility. :)

Click, go, VOTE! Thanks!! <3
The Written Dream


  1. Aww, how sweet of you. :) But when I got there, voting was closed. :/

  2. Oh me goodness, I'm probably going 2 CollegePlus 2! :) (Not for awhile though.) I would have voted for her, but it was already closed! :( Bummer. Hope she won!

  3. Sarah Me =)1/9/12 4:32 PM

    Aw! I missed it too!! :( But I do really like her blog! Her writing is amazing!! :D I hope she gets the scholarship! :)