Wednesday, September 5

Boring? Mebbe...

While I was gone, lots of stuff happened.
Not really.
I just like to imagine that there's something about my boring life that makes it interesting to you reader people.
My boring life, which is about to go from boring to slightly less boring.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
August 31st was my big brother's birthday and I didn't even think to write a blog post for him! It's not like I was a little busy or anything...but anyways, happy seventeenth birthday Geoffy!!! I know you had a great day so yeah...ending belated birthday wish now.
And the next day was Joel's birthday. I'm sure he had as good a day as a hobo can have! I bet it was filled with lots of....whatever it is hobos do. And I feel terrible cuz I forgot to call him and say happy birthday, okay?? I'm suuper sorry!!! :'( Okay...just clearing that up. </3
Saturday night I had Ashley over and we baked friendship cookies and played video games and ate burritos. It was awesome. Steve and Phil had lots of fun. But we missed Bob. <3
Nothing interesting happened on Sunday.
Nothing interesting happened on Monday.
Tuesday I had a double piano lesson and got in a lot of good work with Mr. Nagy on my Mendelssohn concerto. If you want to listen to this song that has been the cause of much personal grief, click on this linky thing. Even though I have had a lot of trouble with this song, it's finally coming together. Which is good because I need to have it down by Tuesday so I can record it and enter a competition. Maybe some time I'll actually have a piece ready more than a week before I have to perform it. (Then again, maybe not.)
And today was Wednesday. It was an exciting day because when we came on campus at PCC, there were actually STUDENTS there! It was amazing! It felt like the Discovery Channel or something! :D
And as I sit here, Dad is making potato soup and filling the whole house with a pungent, oniony smoke that burns my eyes.
Life is good....I can't complain.


  1. Glad that life is good! ;) Oh, and it was nice driving behind you guys for maybe half a mile! Your dad literally waved right after I was looking at your van thinking, "Say, that's interesting...a van with both a PCC sticker AND a PSC sticker. Don't see that much! Except for people like the Stemens." (that's when I saw the hand)

    1. Haha! It was hilarious to listen to everyone!!
      "HEY!! Sarah is turning RIGHT behind us!!
      "Maybe she's stalking us..."
      "Shes' still following us."
      "Let's wave!!"
      *mad waving of hands*
      "I don't think she saw us yet..." was interesting. :)

    2. Well, it did take me a second to decide if the wave was for me or not! But then I saw Audrey look behind. :) But you never know! I may have a secret profession in stalking....

  2. Phil? I thought it was Ryan...

    How exciting! But I don't usually like Wednesdays because we have music lessons. :P And school hasn't been going that great... but enough with the negative stuff. Happy late Birthday, Geoffrey! And Joel!

    1. Um Phil is Ashley our friend (Steve's and mine (bob))

    2. Well, last I heard, she was Ryan. :)

  3. Oh my gosh you posted bout me x)