Wednesday, September 26

Video Games

Most of you probably know that I like to play video games.
And not happy little pink unicorn video games either.
No, I always go full-on hardcore. Although I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this one hippie game called Flower....
It was just so pretty!!! Calming...and the music was pretty cool too. :)
But generally, I stick to Call of Duty, Battlefield, and the like. Anger management, you know. There's nothing for it like blowing people's brains out. (With the blood and gore setting on low, of course, since clearly I have low tolerance for violence.)
I'm also currently a fan of DC Universe, a game where you can create your own superhero (or villain) and save (or bring to ruin) Metropolis, Gotham, and Metropolis again. Apparently Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman weren't good enough.
Thank goodness for my little brother or I would probably be stuck on Level One of every video game I've ever played. Nearly every time I get to a boss fight, I freak out, start hyperventilating, and have to call for help...much like the helpless citizens I'm supposed to be rescuing.
So yeah...I guess maybe you could call me a half-hearted gamer girl. Although really, as fun as video games can be, playing outside is better. Even working outside is better. Especially when the weather is this nice. :)

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