Saturday, May 31

On Updates, Ramblings, and Dinosaurs

I just wanted to give you guys a quick (please emphasize this word in your brains because I mean it) update on what's about to happen...

If you've been following my blog for a while, as most of you have (and by the way, thank you and I love you for still being here even though I'm clearly a terrible and neglectful blogger), you'll probably remember my mini-series last year where I told you all about my family reunion, complete with pictures and all.

Well, that's happening again.

The reunion, not the mini-series. We'll see about any reunion-related material when I get back. Currently I don't technically have a camera so I would have to just write the whole thing and come on, guys - I'm not that entertaining.

So yeah, anyways. I'll be indisposed for the next few days because I'll be gallivanting around the forest and the mountains and having a wonderful time.

Consequently, I will not be writing, and consequently, I will not be posting here.

Which is nothing new.

But now I have an excuse.

So yeah! In case you think of little old me at all over the next week, just know that I really do miss writing stuff here, but I don't want to write all kinds of junk that you don't want to read (*cough* like this post *cough*) so I'm waiting to find my muse. Hopefully it will come at some point soon.

I hope that maybe you'll have some sort of thrilling adventure this week like I expect to! As always, thoughts and prayers are appreciated, especially for safety since even though climbing out to the very edge of a very steep and dangerous mountain precipice is probably not a very good idea, I'm probably going to do it anyway because I am very dumb. And then I will probably do it a few more times for good measure.

And also we have to drive a long way.

Anyways. This got long and rambling.

I hope to be back at the end of my vacation refreshed and renewed and ready to stop letting you guys down all the time, and in the meantime I hope things are lovely and ducky in your corner of the world.

Get it? It's funny because the world is round.

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  1. That's a cute dinosaur! And rather than thinking that you are letting us down by not posting as much as you think you should, you need to remember that you brighten our day when you share your witty writing with us. You leave us always wanting more Meredith. Oh - and have fun gallivanting!